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La nostra offerta di confezioni va oltre il prodotto standardizzato, perchè possiamo creare su misura ogni tipo di imballo, sempre con materiali riciclati e riciclabili a impatto zero!


Dalla carta riciclata
nasce il design più creativo

Da noi comodità fa rima con sostenibilità e bellezza con maneggevolezza.
I nostri mobili di prima qualità sono l’alternativa eco-friendly che stavi cercando per arredare i tuoi spazi.

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About us

Cardboard furnishings:
our green history in the world of design

Trevikart GreenDesign was established at Zero Branco, in the province of Treviso.

With the great potential of our core business we soon made the change from a concept firm to a fully operational business unit of the Pro-Gest Group.

Today, we are firmly established on the market as a leader in the production of green furnishings and displays, with the creation of design solutions that are both functional and aesthetic.

The idea of creating a business of this type arose from two deeply held aspirations of the Zago family. One was to conceive of interiors that are more ethical and sustainable, for the benefit of future generations. The other was to give a new identity to paper collected for recycling, by transforming it into design products for use in everyday life.



We use not only corrugated cardboard, but also eco-friendly and\or biodegradable components such as MDF, poplar plywood, eco-leather and glass. Our design model is eco-friendly, because it follows circular economy rules and fights against waste.

Made in Italy


Our furniture follows current trends and are unique pieces that are perfect as displays, collector’s pieces or for storing and/or using every day. Inside the package you will find a certificate attesting to the authenticity of the raw materials, a serial number and the Pro-Gest Group’s trademark.



We can work and paint furniture to your requirements, because we adapt measurements, materials, appearance and branding to satisfy all demands. Our printing is digital or flexographic with water-based inks that not only respect the environment, but also eliminate solvent emissions and fire hazards.

Custom made

We bring cardboard furniture to life, the furniture of your dreams

For us, nothing is impossible to achieve because we are the best in Italy when it comes to recycling paper. With our perfect knowledge of the raw material we know how to meet even the most varied requirements.

And this is our greatest strength. We make each of our products unique and exclusive, custom made for our customers.

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