Corrugated cardboard: characteristics, types and why choose it.

17 November 2023


Corrugated cardboard is an extraordinary material. In this article we will see what its main features are, and we will discover a use beyond common knowledge.

Why choose cardboard furniture?

Corrugated cardboard offers interesting solutions also in the furnishing and design sector, representing a valid alternative to less eco-friendly and more expensive materials, such as plastic and wood.

Here are some valid reasons to prefer it to more traditional solutions:

  • The design is particularly innovative;
  • It offers a wide range of customization options. Being easily workable, it allows you to create objects that perfectly satisfy every need and, at the same time, are unique pieces;
  • If you need temporary furniture, for example for an event, cardboard is light and easy to transport, dismantle or move;
  • It requires less skill and tools to assemble, making the construction process much faster.

What is corrugated cardboard?

Extremely versatile and flexible, corrugated cardboard is made up of a series of layers of corrugated paper called “fluting“, which are glued between two layers of flat paper, called “liners“, using natural glues. The thickness of these two elements can vary according to needs.

Thanks to its structure, which gives it great resistance, it is one of the most used materials ever for packaging and transporting goods of various sizes or fragility.

Main types of corrugated cardboard

Among the various types of corrugated cardboard you can find:

  • Corrugated paper: consists of coupling a flat surface with a corrugated sheet of paper;
  • Single corrugated cardboard: composed of two flat paper surfaces spaced from each other by a corrugated surface and held together using a special glue;
  • Double wave cardboard: has a more complex structure. In this case, the central corrugated sheets become two and are connected to each other by a third flat surface;
  • Triple wave cardboard: presents an additional degree of complexity. Inside the two flat surfaces we find three corrugations held together by three stretched sheets.

What are the characteristics of corrugated cardboard?

As mentioned previously, corrugated cardboard has certain characteristics that allow it to be one of the most widely used materials in the packaging sector.

But what are its most peculiar abilities?

  • Extraordinary lightness;
  • High resistance to compression, bursting and perforation;
  • High impact protection;
  • It is easily transportable;
  • It is 100% biodegradable and recyclable;
  • It is cost effective.

For all of the above reasons, corrugated cardboard is an ideal furnishing solution for any type of space.

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