About us

Cardboard furnishings:
our green history in the world of design

Manufacturers of recycled cardboard furniture for 15 years.

Trevikart GreenDesign was established at Zero Branco, in the province of Treviso.

With the great potential of our core business we were soon the first in Italy to make furniture from corrugated cardboard and we then made the change from a concept firm to a fully operational business unit of the Pro-Gest Group (a leader in its sector and with its products in the Italian and European paper industry for fifty years).

Today, Trevikart GreenDesign is firmly established on the market as a leader in the production of green furnishings and displays, with the creation of design solutions that are both functional and aesthetic.

The idea of creating a business of this type with its subsequent strategic planning arose from two deeply held aspirations of the Zago family: one was to conceive of interiors that are more ethical and sustainable, for the benefit of future generations.The other was to give a new identity to paper collected for recycling, by transforming it into design products for use in everyday life..

While the Pro-Gest Group brings paper back to life by recycling it, and leveraging on a circular economy system, Trevikart GreenDesign transforms it into a technical art projectesigned to meet the specific needs of each customer: whether a company (Custom madeor an individual ((Catalogue).).

Why choose our cardboard furniture

Furniture with style? We do it with paper.

Trevikart GreenDesign is a breath of fresh air in terms of creativity, versatility, innovation and research.. We use water-based inks and HP digital technologies for the printing and cutting to produce a catalogue of pioneering products and offer a range that is both customisable and fully integrated.

The company invests constantly. We invest in research into new renewable materials and eco-friendly handcrafted finishes, in the use of state-of-the-art machinery, in the study of industry trends and in building a virtuous green economy.

The DNA of our cardboard furnishings and displays:



We use not only corrugated cardboard, but also eco-friendly and\or biodegradable components such as MDF, poplar plywood, eco-leather and glass. Our design model is eco-friendly, because it follows circular economy rules and fights against waste.

Made in Italy


Our furniture follows current trends and are unique pieces that are perfect as displays, collector’s pieces or for storing and/or using every day. Inside the package you will find a certificate attesting to the authenticity of the raw materials, a serial number and the Pro-Gest Group’s trademark.



We can work and paint furniture to your requirements, because we adapt measurements, materials, appearance and branding to satisfy all demands. Our printing is digital or flexographic with water-based inks that not only respect the environment, but also eliminate solvent emissions and fire hazards.



Nothing is impossible. With our expertise, we work on a design right from the concept stage at very beginning as we develop and build custom made furniture for each and every order.
And if you don’t know exactly what you want? Never mind, we’ll help you.

Just-in-time service


We produce the quantities required in the shortest possible time and guarantee that products arrive in perfect shape after transport and storage.



We are a team of professionals. We have fifty years experience, skills, specialisation and studies behind us, but our eyes are always pointing towards the future. The measure of just how capable our people are can be clearly seen in the excellent quality of Trevikart GreenDesign’s furniture and the endless ways in which it can be used.

We are green in name and in deed.

On the side of the plant for a better future. Together.

Trevikart GreenDesign operates with a constant focus on energy-savings, improving environmental impact and promoting sustainability in local areas.

Our furniture begins life as recycled waste paper that is transformed into one hundred percent recyclable and biodegradable corrugated cardboard sheets, formed from different types of laminated flutes. These are manufactured in paper mills which use photovoltaic systems or cogeneration plants to reduce the percentage of water and electricity consumed. Waste is always kept to a minimum and, in some cases, they produce renewable energy sources. Each year, these highly advanced self-producing energy systems enable the Pro-Gest Group to save up to 140,000 tons of CO2.

The properties of the raw material, its strength and robustness mean that Trevikart GreenDesign’s furnishings are long-lasting, while they maintain all their special features.

They may be accompanied by other eco-compatible and recyclable components that include:

  • MDF;
  • Poplar plywood;
  • Eco-leather;
  • Glass.

As a result they can be sanitised at any time and they will not need to be replaced. This also prevents the unnecessary waste of materials.. Our just-in-time service provides further support to our green mission, because it enables us to produce the exact quantities of goods ordered by a customer, never more, never less. In the shortest possible time.

Each product is signed Trevikart GreenDesign as a distinctive sign of authenticity, FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC® (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certified.

Our raw material? Recycled

Furniture with style? We do it with paper.

Trevikart GreenDesign’s visionary project started from a very simple idea, that Italy is a country with few real forests, but very many “urban forests”, i.e. cities that recycle large quantities of paper. It is not by chance that Italy is estimated to have exceeded the European target for paper and cardboard recycling for 2035 (85%) by a good 15 years as it reached 87% in 2020.

It is therefore quick and easy to find the raw materials for our cardboard furnishings and displays because, unlike other materials, we do not have to import them from abroad. On the contrary, we collect waste material already present in local communities and put it back into circulation in the form of furniture.

What we do is return shape and form to paper to create appealing green and fashionable interiors. We put our art, which we like to describe as useful and beautiful, completely at your service.

The paper crafted and signed by the Pro-Gest Group comes from a circular and vertically integrated economy. From waste collection platforms (1.5 million tons per year) to paper mills and corrugators, where corrugated cardboard finally comes to life (one billion square metres per year): this is the process that makes our planning, modelling and design work possible.