14 February 2024

Feline satisfaction and sustainability in our furnishing accessories and cardboard toys for cats.

Anyone who is familiar with the wonderful world of cats already knows: none has the same character as another!

17 November 2023

Corrugated cardboard: characteristics, types and why choose it.

Corrugated cardboard is an extraordinary material. In this article we will see what its main features are, and we will discover a use beyond common knowledge.

17 October 2023

Five trends of the 2023 furniture industry

The furniture and home décor world is constantly evolving and 2023 brings with it a series of new trends that are transforming living spaces in fascinating and innovative ways. From a growing focus on ecology to the re-emergence of classic styles revisited in a modern way, what can we expect in terms of design this year?

19 June 2023

Canaletto, our prime-quality corrugated cardboard armchair

Spacious. Comfortable. Eco-friendly. Customisable. In essence, everything you could wish for in an armchair: it is sure to be love at first sit.