19 June 2023

Canaletto, our prime-quality corrugated cardboard armchair

Spacious. Comfortable. Eco-friendly. Customisable. In essence, everything you could wish for in an armchair: it is sure to be love at first sit.

19 May 2023

Is eco-friendly printing on recycled paper really possible?

What do we mean by “eco-friendly printing” and is it a viable, sustainable and safe alternative for both people and the environment? How do we do this printing on corrugated cardboard furnishings and fittings?

15 May 2023

Our raw material is recycled

How is corrugated cardboard made? What exactly is “recycled paper” and how is it manufactured and processed? Let's start from the beginning: our vertically integrated circular economy.

9 May 2023

How to clean and sanitise our cardboard furniture

What happens to cardboard when it comes into contact with dust and water? Is it possible to change its original shape? Does it need special tools to sanitise it?