Feline satisfaction and sustainability in our furnishing accessories and cardboard toys for cats.

14 February 2024


Anyone who is familiar with the wonderful world of cats already knows: none has the same character as another! And perhaps this is the reason why not all cat lovers know or can recognize the right products to make their feline friend happy and satisfy all its needs, from rest to play. But Trevikart Greendesign has finally found a solution that responds to everything cats want: it’s the PETS line!

What do cats like?

Cats are all different, but most of them love to sleep and purr, play and take care of their nails, often on sofas or carpets, in the absence of real trees: to choose natural materials even at home – which attract and stimulate their senses, but also their mind – is therefore essential to ensure true well-being for our furry friends, but also for those who live with them! Trevikart Greendesign, with its long experience in the design and production of sustainable and recyclable corrugated cardboard furniture, has thus developed its line of cardboard cat toys, perfect for furnishing the home, to entertain every cat, large or small, and to simultaneously respect the future of the planet we live in!!!

Trevikart Greendesign Products for Cats made of Corrugated Cardboard:

We start from the engaging Cat Game Tower by Trevikart Greendesign, a modular set ready to be climbed on, very easy to assemble and disassemble, entirely made of corrugated cardboard but solid and safe, because it does not contain glues or plastics… And what about the TV scratching post made of recycled and recyclable cardboard? Not only practical, sturdy, and resistant, to withstand the sharpest nails, but also eye catching, original, and witty, like a design object, which adds a touch of creativity to every space. Even the Fish Scratching Post, with its minimalist and essential style, was created to furnish with taste and to entertain your cat at the same time, with all the advantages of corrugated cardboard.

In fact, each product in our PETS line is not just a complement dedicated to your cat, but is a real piece of furniture, carefully refined in its design, which integrates harmoniously into the style of every environment and every home, also embellishing it with the value of sustainability that lasts over time.

Why Trevikart Greendesign Products in Corrugated Cardboard Do they satisfy the needs of cats?

The PETS products designed, produced and signed by Trevikart Greendesign respond precisely to the needs and preferences of all small felines, because corrugated cardboard has unique and extraordinary characteristics, in fact it is:

  • Robust and resistant:
    The corrugated cardboard used by Trevikart Greendesign allows the creation of useful and reliable, solid and functional objects: sturdiness is essential for a cat to play for a long time!
  • Original and refined:
    The creativity and experience of Trevikart Greendesign, symbol of made in Italy, give life to unique shapes and designer furnishings: you can furnish your home while taking care of your cat!
  • Natural and Sustainable:
    Trevikart Greendesign demonstrates its sustainable commitment concretely, using only 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard: your cat will love it… and nature will thank you too!

More Beautiful Homes, Happier Cats

Trevikart Greendesign confirms itself as the ideal manufacturer of corrugated cardboard furniture and toys also for cats with a dedicated range, inspired by the love for animals, for the house in which we live and for the nature that surrounds us. The dedication to Italian design and the attention to sustainability position Trevikart Greendesign as a true leader, capable of satisfying the tastes of all its customers… including four-legged ones!

Would you like to know more? Discover the PETS line in our catalogue… and let yourself be inspired!