Five trends of the 2023 furniture industry

17 October 2023


From a growing focus on ecology to the re-emergence of classic styles revisited in a modern way, what can we expect in terms of design this year? From a growing focus on ecology to the re-emergence of classic styles revisited in a modern way, what can we expect in terms of design this year?

Priority to sustainability and environment

One of the most evident trends in the world of furniture in 2023 is the emphasis placed on sustainability and ecology. Shoppers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their purchases and, as a result, demand for furniture made from certified recycled materials, organic fabrics and eco-friendly manufacturing practices is growing rapidly.

Trevikart GreenDesign bases its core business on this aspect: everything featured in our Catalogue is made of 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable corrugated cardboard with the addition of eco-compatible components such as:

  • MDF;
  • Poplar plywood;
  • Eco leather;
  • Glass.

Each product is a certified unique piece, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of the raw material and an ethical and virtuous working process.

It is no coincidence that our design model respects the values of circularity and our fight against waste, delivering a high-quality zero-impact result, with products lasting over time and ready for use in any occasion.

Cozy minimalism as the starting point

2023 has seen a turn towards what we could define as “cozy minimalism”: this concept wants to combine clean and simple aesthetics with elements that add warmth and comfort to living spaces, such as soft fabrics, furry carpets and natural wood details. The result is therefore a minimal environment that inspires relaxation and serenity.

The key to embracing this trend is the careful selection of complements and accessories. For example, choosing the Tiepolo Sofa with clean lines and combining it with cushions in tactile fabrics or a soft blanket could transform your living room into an even more pleasant space.

Classical style re-invented

In 2023, styles such as neoclassical and vintage are making a comeback, but with a modern twist: they are mixed with more contemporary components to create aunique harmony that unites past and present;real antique furnishings combined with avant-garde pieces for an explosion of charm, history and freshness..

For example, a dining room can feature a retro-style hardwood table paired with a marble or crystal chandelier, but be decorated with original sustainable chairs, such as the Bellini Seats, to add visual interest and character to the space.

Furniture and nature come together.

There is a particularly pressing emphasis on what concerns “materials belonging to nature“: wood, stone, ceramic and natural and/or vegetable textile fibers (including cotton, hemp, jute etc.) are in great demand for furnishings and the decorations, as they bring a sense of connection with the Earth and its ecosystems..

Solid wood furniture, for example, gives warmth and sturdiness to interiors while fabrics such as linen and organic cotton convey a feeling of comfort and convenience.

Textures also play an important role: hand-woven carpets, cushions with three-dimensional details and handcrafted ceramics give a touch of unforgettable refinement.

The Giorgione (Big and Small), Rock (Big and Small) and the Modulare Muretto vases could be the ideal solution for anyone looking to tickle their senses: they belong to the category of furniture made of corrugated cardboard, nevertheless they have an appealing look and an interesting feel at the touch. Thanks to their bold look they will dominate the scenetogether with the plants they embrace.

Why give them a chance?

  • They decorate even the most anonymous spaces;
  • They bring color and vitality;
  • They contribute to the balance of a design;
  • They can be easily changed to change the look of a room;
  • They express the personality and interests of the owners
  • They are adaptable to different seasons;
  • They can be placed in various parts of the home and\or office.