Canaletto, our prime-quality corrugated cardboard armchair

19 June 2023


From paper collection through the pulp mill and paper mill and all the way to your home, Trevikart GreenDesign furniture is made using 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable cardboard. Take, for example? Our Canaletto armchair, a versatile product whose core qualities are aesthetics and functionality.

What sets cardboard armchairs apart from other furniture?

A corrugated cardboard armchair is a high-impact piece of furniture since it can:

  • Offer rest and relaxation;
  • Transform into a cosy area for reading, meditation or any other activity;
  • Be a decorative element adding character to an environment and expressing who you are, what you do and what your values are.

It is distinct from a regular chair, being:

  • Less rigid and therefore comfortable and practical;
  • Lower and wider, perfect for settings like waiting rooms, lounges and living rooms;
  • An object of beauty to be used as a collector’s item (as well as for everyday use).

It is works well in a variety of places (entrance halls, bedrooms, studios, offices and so on) because it:

  • Fills and brightens empty corners;
  • Creates attractive light and colour effects when in keeping with the décor (monochrome or contrasting);
  • Surprises and welcomes visitors, as desired, creating an atmosphere conducive to conversation;
  • Provides a surface for placing objects, such as clothes or magazines;
  • Is easy to move around.

Why choose a cardboard armchair?

A corrugated cardboard armchair can prove an ideal purchase for a numerous reasons:

  • It offers a perfect balance between strength and comfort. The gluing and folding process gives the cardboard a sturdy and reliable structure capable of supporting considerable weight and lasting over time;
  • It offers a wide range of colour and customisation options. Thanks to its versatile appearance, corrugated cardboard can be combined with various interior styles, from minimalist to industrial chic, as well as with other eco-friendly materials like MDF, poplar plywood or eco-leather;
  • It is a perfect fit for 2023’s emerging trends in design and furnishing with their increasing focus on sustainability;
  • It has a strong ecological emphasis. Indeed, it can be disposed of through normal recycling processes, thus reducing its environmental impact, and contributes to cutting waste of non-renewable natural resources, like wood or plastic, traditionally used in furniture manufacturing;
  • It is an opportunity to promote a mindset shift towards more responsible consumption: choosing a product created using eco-friendly materials sends a positive message and encourages others to follow the same example and consider alternative solutions also when it comes to interior design and decoration. It is a genuine declaration of commitment to future generations blending good design and respect for the planet.

Features of Canaletto, our leading cardboard armchair

Our Canaletto armchair was made with:

  • Layers of corrugated cardboard;
  • External sides covered with MDF;
  • Floor rests in poplar plywood;
  • Fabric upholstery.

Its measurements are:

  • Width 78 centimetres;
  • Depth 79 centimetres;
  • Height 90 centimetres;
  • Seat height 36 centimetres.

We ship it by GLS courier (delivery time estimated at 2-3 working days).

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