How to clean and sanitise our cardboard furniture

9 May 2023


What happens to cardboard when it comes into contact with dust and water? Is it possible to change its original shape? Does it need special tools to sanitise it?

People are often afraid of things they don’t know about. It is true that even though the world of design is experiencing a new “green” wave, people still have many doubts over just what cardboard can do. Most people tend to see it as a fragile product that can easily wear out at any time.

And yet the truth is that it needs no special care or attention. The only factor that distinguishes it, is that it is more eco-sustainable and this makes it one of the best solutions for making your furnishings and displays.

Let's start with the basics: is cardboard strong?

Cardboard consists of at least two flat paper surfaces, called covers, and one or more corrugated sheets, all held together by natural adhesives. Its durability and rigidity is totally guaranteed.

If you just think that in the packaging sector it is one of the most popular composite materials due to its properties:

  • water and moisture absorption (Cobb index);
  • compression, bursting and puncture resistance;
  • protection from impacts, containment and overlapping of goods;
  • resilience to adverse environmental and/or weather conditions;
  • comfort during transport (because it is stackable and modular).

It can support very heavy weights without changing its original shape or deteriorating. In the very rare cases in which one of its components is damaged, it can always be replaced quickly and cheaply. This makes it the perfect compromise in the fight against waste and rejects.

Solving the problem of stains and dirt on cardboard surfaces

Our eco-friendly, recyclable and customisable finishes (see Customised section) increase the durability of the products:

  • MDF;
  • Poplar plywood;
  • Eco-leather;
  • Glass.

These finishes reduce the formation of grease stains, ink stains or white halos and allow the entire structure to be cleaned more easily. Not surprisingly, special sprays and articles are available on the market for each component.

Generally speaking, a microfibre cloth with a little warm water, non-abrasive neutral detergents and/or Marseille soap (depending on the extra component used) is sufficient.

The ABC of cleaning: how to sanitise cardboard furniture in minutes

As already mentioned, cardboard is not easily damaged. Its properties mean that it does not retain water. Once it has been expelled, the likelihood of mould and/or deformation decreases.

If it was completely drenched with dozens of litres of water, it would only need to be dried in the sun to return it to its original condition. Quick and easy, right?

And it is even quicker and easier to sanitise.

All you need to remove dust or dirt residues is a cloth or, if you prefer because it is quicker and less tiring, then use your vacuum cleaner. The corners can be reached with a toothbrush or a brush with soft bristles.

On the other hand to remove stains you can use a moistened and well wrung sponge, just as you would with any other object.

A few final points to consider for the best results:

  • If you have to leave your home and/or office empty for a long period of time, we suggest you wrap cardboard furniture in sheets made of cloth. This way, you will protect it from dust, insects and possible dents;
  • If you live in a place with very high humidity, then air the room and dust frequently. If necessary, use a hair dryer set on the lowest temperature and speed to “dry” it.

Cardboard furnishings: yes or no?

In this short article, we have tried to explain what it is about corrugated cardboard that makes it the best friend you can have when it comes to the design of your interiors. It is strong and long-lasting which is also useful when it comes to cleaning. Trevikart GreenDesign furniture is an ethical alternative that costs you no extra effort.

If we have excited your curiosity, then come and look at our furniture in our Catalogue.