Is eco-friendly printing on recycled paper really possible?

19 May 2023


What do we mean by “eco-friendly printing” and is it a viable, sustainable and safe alternative for both people and the environment? How do we do this printing on corrugated cardboard furnishings and fittings?

The virtuous supply chain in which we operate performs a vital function. It minimises environmental impact and the resulting carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Just as the circular economy of our recycled paper does, our flexo and digital printing with water or solvent-based inks helps limit pollution, waste, energy consumption and unnecessary use of resources to a minimum. It is different from other oil or plastic-based solutions, which may contain harmful, chemical substances that are damaging to the planet.

While the first, water-based inks, are mostly used for mass production and small-size articles, the second, solvent-based inks, are excellent for large-size articles that require special waterproofing.

Trevikart GreenDesign is therefore a leader when it comes to “print materials”. As you may imagine, depending on the size of the run and the format, graphics can be printed directly on furniture and fittings and/or design objects, to make them even greener and more appealing to look at.

Why are flexo prints and water or solvent-based inks better?

The choice of eco-friendly materials to decorate and customise products has become a key issue in consumer purchasing habits. But quite aside from environmental questions, why is it so important to highlight and prioritise them?

  • Superior quality and durability.

They penetrate deeply and give sharp, uniform and high-definition prints with fast drying, because they have excellent adhesion to the substrate, which reduces the risk of wear and fading.

  • Numerous design possibilities.

With detailed images, vivid colours and precise shading, they allow artists to give full reign to their creativity. Whether it is graphic motifs or company logos, they guarantee results that really enhance the appearance of cardboard furniture.

  • Strength and easy maintenance.

They give additional protection to surfaces, ensuring greater resistance to scratches, abrasions and weathering. They are also easy to clean and require minimal maintenance (read this article to learn more How to clean and sanitise our cardboard furniture).

The advantages of digital printing for recycled paper

Another of our strengths is digital printing (HP), which gives:

  • Large print runs;
  • Flexibility;
  • Technological innovation to give a complete and fine-tuned ecosystem;
  • Non-stop production efficiency;
  • Real-time data analysis and a resulting increase in capacity and process automation;
  • Exclusive mass production customisation features;
  • Wide range of inks and substrates available;
  • Just-in-time service.

And there is a more! Combined with water or solvent-based inks, it can be a marketing and customisation tool for your company, i.e. a potential marketing vehicle for corporate image and brand messaging.

Tailor-made customisation of your cardboard furniture

Whatever your final end-goal (business strategies, promotional events, special occasions, etc.), the versatility of flexo and digital printing with water or solvent-based inks is ideal for creating cardboard furnishings and displays to meet the specific needs of each customer.

No request is too much for us, because we love a challenge. If you don’t believe us, then come and visit the Custom Made section of our website and discover the designs we have brought to life and see the endless opportunities to experiment.

A step towards the future?

Cardboard furniture will fill your interiors perfectly and safely to make them pleasing to the eye and ecologically responsible.

Using it not only benefits the planet and consumers, but also the companies involved, because a growing awareness of environmental protection has increased demand for eco-friendly products (according to research by the Mass Consumption Packaging Observatory, around 27%). This is why those who try our products will gain an edge over their more conventional and out-of-date competitors. You will be making a long-term investment and an aware decision to move towards a more sustainable future for all.